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Still Image
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Custom image,.jpg image file. Includes text and graphics.
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Custom 15 sec. video consisting of text, objects, and motion graphics.
Template Media
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Choose from pre-built media to customize.
Scheduling your messages.
Includes 1 update per business day*.

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Still Images

Still Images

Instantly download background images and generic messages designed for LED signs.



High quality background and generic animations built for standard LED sign sizes.

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  • Outdoor
  • SUHealthcare
  • CarDealers
  • Casinos
  • Sports


What is a Dynamic Message?
Dynamic Messages change according to different dynamic settings, for example, a Time and Temp message or a countdown.

What do I need to provide YESCO Media Services with in Dynamic Message?
You provide the background art and, if possible, a website or web source to grab dynamic information from.
Example 1: for a hospitals ER wait time, we need a website with HTML or XML code with that information.
Example 2: for a conditional weather message, your location. We can use weather.gov for the data.

How long does it take to get my message?
Typically five business days, but we are willing to work with you if it is time sensitive.

How many changes or edits do I get?
You will get 3 edits per custom message.

What does an Animation consist of ?
Animations consist of text, images, and/or video footage.

Do I get audio with the animation?
No audio is provided. This can be negotiated for places with speakers, like a Sport Venue.

How long are the messages?
Anywhere from 4 to 15 seconds. maximum of 20 sec.

How do I purchase?
YESCO Media Services uses PayPal to process online orders, no account necessary.

What we need from you?
YESCO Media Services will need your sign size, contact e-mail, any content you want used, and of course, your brilliant idea.  If you don’t have any images or video but want them, simple tell us your idea and we can find a match from our vast media library.